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American Spaces


British GQ






Whilst studying English & Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, I was assigned a project to explore hyper-masculinity and society's glorification of masculine violence.

My response to the brief was a stylised and highly satirical recreation of British GQ magazine. The edition was covered by Jean Baudrillard - cultural theorist and philosopher best known for his works on simulation and hyperreality.

0 American Spaces GQ Front Cover.png
10 American Spaces GQ Music DPS.png
14 American Spaces GQ Fight Club DPS.png
18 American Spaces GQ Jean Baudrillard Intro DPS.png
22 American Spaces GQ Politics DPS.png
26 American Spaces Back Spread Draft.png

Inside were the musical musings of American Psycho's Patrick Bateman, Uncle Dysfunctional Holden Caulfield (as in The Catcher in the Rye), political insight by The Joker, a restaurant review with Hannibal Lecter, a co-written piece by Natural Born Killers' Mickey and Mallory Knox, various adverts glorifying violence and hyperreality including Grand Theft Auto, The Matrix, Facebook, virtual reality headsets and more.



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