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In The Works

What Is This Place?

Some ideas need time to stew or the help of a great art director. This is a sneak peak into concepts in development.

WBD Sport Winter Sports Campaign - "Thrilling by Nature"

(Inspired by Eurosport 2022 winter sports campaign.)

30s ad slots (TV, social): A black screen. The distant sound of skis skimming snow, approaching at speed. A sloping trail of white cuts through the black from top left, following the path of the skier down the mountain and off-screen bottom right. The sound fades out as the white path exits screen. Back to black. Text onscreen alongside logo(s) and low voiceover: "Thrilling by nature". 

 - Variants possible for different snowsports (e.g. snowboard, toboggan, ice skating, etc.)


giffgaff x NHS - "The Power of People"

(From the D&AD New Bloods 2020 brief: "Unlock the power of 5G for the giffgaff community".)

Going beyond the limits of a traditional network supplier, giffgaff gives back and in a big way.

The concept see giffgaff become a partner and sponsor of the NHS, rocketing UK healthcare into the future with 5G infrastructure.

Forget clipboards at the foot of hospital beds. Forget waiting months for referal letters in the post. Forget local GPs faxing your records. In seconds a consultant can download your entire medical history. Intelligent dispatcher systems manage ambulance call-outs. Efficient calendar systems - updated by the millisecond. Regulated artificial intelligence systems maintain medical supplies.

A service of the future. Smart, capable and efficient. Possible because of 5G. 

Huawei - "It's Time You Knew Our Name"

Playing on the fact that people struggle to pronounce "Huawei" (W-ah-way) despite the fact that they're serious contenders for Android phones.

Run a standard campaign with the line "It's Time You Knew Our Name" (social, billboards, public transport, etc.).

Kickstart a movement/challenge to "tag" the word Huawei in daring locations. In sand on the beach, a banner out of a skyscraper window, graffiti in the street, written in plane smoke. 


Google - "G is for..."

Brand campaign showing that Google shares your life.

G is for...

  • Giving birth

  • Growing up

  • Graduation

  • Girlfriend

  • Going out

  • Getting home

  • Grandpa

  • Goodbye

British Airways - Carbon Ticketing

Building on the idea of carbon offsetting, BA offers carbon ticketing - where customers can pay for a portion (or all) of their flights based on reducing carbon emissions elsewhere in their lives to offset the impact of their flights.

Rolled out with an updated mobile app that helps customers log their pointed earned via actions like cycling or car-sharing to work, recycling, reducing food waste, etc. Can offer "Carbon Upgrades" to allow customers to buy tickets they wouldn't usually purchase.

Government petition campaign to implement legal accountability for other companies to take similar measures.



A mythic, dark and broody short film that sees the lion peel itself off the Tate & Lyle factory to roam Silvertown come nightfall.

Its presence prevents crime, it returns lost children home, and it curls up with the homeless to keep them warm in the long winter nights.

Lyle's lion makes the night a little sweeter.

Combine with corporate responsibility campaign - potentially donation & partnership with Shelter or similar.

W.H. Smith - "What's in a name?"

What do the W and H stand for in W.H. Smith?

A campaign away from social media (print, experiential, TV) that shows people speculating, telling their kids silly stories.

"You know what, Timmy... my great grandfather once told me that it stands for Hubert and Wagner and those two boys were so embarrassed they couldn't bring themselves to put their names on the store. Now their initials are world famous!"

Change storefronts to display made up names. Shows W.H. Smith is so well-known people will know it whether it says it above the door or not.




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